Why VW suck

I’ve owned VW’s for the past 30 years. I always thought they were great cars, really reliable, solid and comfortable.

Now I am starting to change my views after repeatedly encountering the VAG stance on letting customers pay for expensive problems caused by their known design faults.

The tipping point was my new 2006 Transporter Multivan with 180k miles on it. Not a lot of miles for a VW and certainly not for a workhorse such as the T5.

This is my second T5 with 2.5 TDi Motor. Its a pretty solid motor with no timing belt to be replaced. However… it makes up for that by the other faults that manifest themselves.

If you are thinking of buying a T5, read on.


4 Responses to Why VW suck

  1. lucretius says:

    I have a 2013 Volkswagen CC — black colour.

    Rust/paint peeling began to appear on/near the rocker panel by the drivers door of my car. I took the car to the dealer to show the rust coming from underneath and eating away at the paint on the rocker panel. The dealer took pictures and submitted them to Volkswagen Canada. Yesterday (i.e. one and one half months later), I learned that Volkswagen Canada denied the claim stating the rust and paint peeling was caused by “outside influences”.

    This is preposterous. The rust was bleeding through from underneath causing the paint to peel away. This damage is located on or at the rocker panel/door sills by the driver’s door. The damaged spot is protected by the driver’s door, so that it is not exposed to flying debris from the road.

    There is no evidence of “outside influences” as claimed by Volkswagen Canada. There is no lack of care, or failure to promptly repair. I did not get any third party rustproofing done, so there was no use of any inferior rustproofing agent or method. There is no evidence of environmental damage.

    This is Volkswagen Canada’s method of denying warranty claims. Although Volkswagen Canada has a 12 year warranty against rust, this warranty appears worthless.



    • farterland says:

      may be worthwhile cutting out the rusted piece with a few cm of good metal around. video to prove. see if there more or larger rust spot on inside. if so, then that’s where it started. also you might discover they fecked up the factory rustproofing.
      small claims court 👍
      I actually had a similar experience with rust blisters around windscreen on my passat.. and same rejection of factory warranty



  2. davemon says:

    Of course VW sucks. I have driven VWs since 1970 – Karman Gia, Bug, 2 Jettas, 2 Passats. You don’t buy them for reliability. I had the infamous coil problem in the 1990s, I had a brand new Passat bust the oil seal after 3,00 miles. I have every fan motor possible go bad, leaking seals of all types, CV joint problems….you name it. And now I own the Jetta TDI diesel that is the source of the current VW scandal. That scandal was caused by pure arrogance and that has been going on for a long, long time. So, all of us that have been dismissed, dissed and frustrated by that arrogance are about to get redemption when the USA and other countries sue them big time for lying and fraud. Let them fall hard…


  3. D. Eldred says:

    08 passat I bought new in 07…less than 60 k miles…now is a pile of metal in my garage. .should have got rid of it a long time ago…I feel stupid for not doing so after fixing the last problem


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