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T5 wipers not working?

So the wipers are fucked on your T5? maybe not… Pop the bonnet and let it slam shut. VW made a clever interlock to stop you losing your fingers if the bonnet is up, key turned on and wipers turned … Continue reading

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Now do you believe VW suck?

Hmm, odometer on my passat says 4.2 litres / 100km, but I’m not getting that good. Also the driveway stinks like exhaust fumes after parking the car. Maybe VW lied about the fuel economy? Oh, yes they did. Ah well, … Continue reading

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Getting headaches driving your T5? It’s exhaust fumes.

Until mid-2006, the  VW Transporter T5 with with 2.5  litre engine had a well known design fault with its exhaust manifold. The manifold is not made from cast iron, instead VW use a thin, sheet steel, alloy. The welds at … Continue reading

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2.5 TDI waterpump seal failure

Buying a used T5? Check for black oil in power steering resevior first and save yourself a lot of hassle. The power steering pump connects directly to the engine. It is sealed against engine oil ingress with an O ring … Continue reading

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