Getting headaches driving your T5? It’s exhaust fumes.

Until mid-2006, the  VW Transporter T5 with with 2.5  litre engine had a well known design fault with its exhaust manifold. The manifold is not made from cast iron, instead VW use a thin, sheet steel, alloy. The welds at the points where it attaches to the block freqently fail and exhaust leaks into the cab.

Sometimes only one weld fails, sometimes all the welds fail. Depending on how bad the leaks are you might not actually smell the fumes but just be getting headaches and coughing a lot. If you smell exhaust fumes when driving, you almost definitely have this problem.

This problem is expensive and time consuming to repair. VW will not pay for any of it. After 2006 VW switched to a cast manifold which has no welds to crack.

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9 Responses to Getting headaches driving your T5? It’s exhaust fumes.

  1. moz says:

    I noticed the exhaust manifold had a slight leak where the turbo connects


    • farterland says:

      if the gasket is cockeyed when installed, or not installed it will leak there.
      Can also leak where EGR is bolted to manifold. Place your palm close to the EGR join when the engine is running, if its not sealed correctly you can feel air moving against your hand.
      ps. I thought finger tips were most sensitive but just tested by blowing on my hand and the palm is definitely more sensitive to air -but I’ve probably fucked up my fingers from too much repairs on the bus!


  2. moz says:

    I am repairing my power steering pump now maybe a hose seal leaking


  3. moz says:

    RE T5 2.5 turbo diesel
    when you replace the water pump
    you may be up for a turbo
    water goes in the engine oil and takes out the turbo

    Check the engine oil filler cap for water residue milky color.
    you may save $1600 to buy a turbo and fitting cost.


  4. moz says:

    can you repair the exhaust manifold


    • farterland says:

      yes, its the pre mid-2006 engines with the pressed steel manifolds which crack. they can be mig welded but you need to bolt it onto a board first to prevent warping. Then pressure test with suds and compressed air to make sure you got all the leaks.


  5. john says:

    I have a 2007 2.5 130hp auto with 108,000km. I bought it a few months ago. I changed the oil and filter and i got the gearbox serviced professinaly. Is there anything else to look out for? I hope im too late for the bad manifold era. Thanks in advance


  6. Steve says:

    Purchase a new cast-iron one from eBay to and $250 bucks have it installed by a mechanic done , just had mine done $1,200.00 all up.


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